'Au Cent Neuf' is now closed for good and no longer taking bookings.
'Au Cent Neuf' est maintenant fermé définitivement et ne prend plus de réservations.

STAY AT 'au CENT NEUF' ... there is so much to see and do.

Arlanc is Celtic for 'between two rivers' (the Dore and the Dolore). There are more than 150 km of paths, tracks, and forest roads nearby and anyone interested in bird watching, cycling, walking or horse riding will be overwhelmed by the local opportunities.

Three exceptional rivers offer rare fishing, whilst the Jardin de la Terre, a six hectare garden site in the shape of a map of the world, is a compelling visit for all horticulturists.

The Arlanc churches of Saint Pierre, with its vast proportions, and Notre Dame, with its stunning stained glass windows are both well worth a visit.

And within minutes of Arlanc are the imposing 14th century Abbey of La Chaise-Dieu and the town of Ambert with its unique circular 'Mairie' (town hall) and imposing gothic Church of Saint Jean.

So much choice, so much to see, so many possibilities.

Stay at 'au Cent Neuf' because it will exceed your expectations.
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